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What measures of hydraulic briquette press machine "heatstroke prevention" should be taken in summer

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 04 / 16
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 hydraulic briquette press machine
May is coming, many countries will enter the summer, according to past experience, in order for users to use our hydraulic briquette press machine in the summer there is no problem, we can predict in advance some measures for summer Briquette Press Machine heatstroke.
hydraulic briquette press machine
The problem that usually arises is the phenomenon of electric shock overheating during the work of hydraulic briquette press machine in summer, or the appearance of the roller skin of a pressure ball machine, how to solve this problem. In fact, under high temperature conditions, if you do not carry out some simple heatstroke prevention measures for Briquette Press Machine, the above phenomenon will occur. When the equipment continues to overheat, it will cause damage to some parts of the host, which will increase customer maintenance costs. We will briefly introduce this issue.
 A: The fan installed in the hydraulic briquette press machine motor can directly reduce the temperature of the electric shock motor, and also effectively reduce the power output failure caused by the electric shock overheating.
 hydraulic briquette press machine
Two: Every day, check whether Briquette Press Machine is leaking at work or if the built-in bearing is overheated. If there is oil leakage, it is necessary to stop the machine and check it, and then start it after the pressure ball machine has returned to normal.
Three: The hydraulic pressure ball machine processes the material by the action of pressure. Under the condition of high temperature, the temperature of the surface of the roller skin will increase, and there is a certain danger in the processing of the material, under the condition of high temperature. Increase its lubrication, reduce friction, so that the roller can effectively reduce the temperature, if it still does not work, need to stop for ten minutes or twenty minutes, and then start hydraulic briquette press machine.
 hydraulic briquette press machine
In addition to cooling the Briquette Press Machine, it is also necessary to perform heatstroke prevention measures for the staff, which can avoid the operation at high temperatures or at night.