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How does briquette press machine exporters in india make sufficient use of bulk coal?

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 04 / 27
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  briquette press machine exporters in india
Our company has a wide range of molding equipment. The presence of molding machinery in the international market has brought great convenience to the industry. The traditional coal mineral resources are developed in bulk, but in this case it is not convenient for the later transportation and use. So our briquette press machine exporters in india solved this problem very well.
How our briquette press machine equipment makes full use of mineral products is mainly reflected in the following points.
  briquette press machine exporters in india
First of all, briquette press machine exporters in india is effective in saving energy. It can suppress the formation of loose coal with low combustion rate and change the physical state of coal so that the combustion of bulk coal is more fully waterproof, freeze-proof and harder. : In addition, under the double action of additives and high pressure during the processing of briquette press machine, loose coal is crushed and extruded to produce briquette. During the production process, briquette needs to be dried. After the above treatment, The coal water content is very low, the strength is good, and the hardness is high. Therefore, in the winter, the briquette will not freeze on for a short period of time, and a small amount of rainwater will not affect the use of briquette; while the bulk coal will be lost under the erosion of the rainwater, and the winter resistance Poor freezing ability.
 briquette press machine exporters in india
TheLow-carbon coal: The clean coal produced by our briquette press machine exporters in india has a higher calorific value than the same amount of bulk coal, and has a long burning time. It consumes less coal per unit of time, and has a higher resource utilization rate. Compared with coal, it can save 20%-30% of coal, so the use of clean coal can save coal resources and reduce carbon emissions.
  briquette press machine exporters in india
Clean transportation, clean and convenient: Clean coal is packed and transported according to weight after production, so no coal will be sprayed on the ground to cause dust pollution. It is used according to the use of bags in the process of use, which is convenient and tidy, and greatly reduces the environmental impact. Pollution.
To sum up, our briquette press machine walk out of the country to get acclaim is an affirmation of our products.

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