What are the general principles for foreign users to choose rotary dryer china?

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 rotary dryer china
China is a big country in the manufacture of machinery and equipment. It provides equipment for international users in many industries and fields. Rotary dryer china enjoys international reputation. Foreign users are certain to have a basis for purchasing our rotary dryer , and they will be introduced here in detail today.
 rotary dryer china
First of all, we all know that each dryer has its specific scope of application. The dryers used for different materials are also different. If the rotary dryer china equipment is purchased, the applicable type is not clear, resulting in improper selection. In addition to undertaking unnecessary one-time high procurement costs, it also has to pay a heavy price during the entire life cycle. For example, it has low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operating costs, poor product quality, and even the device does not work at all. 
 rotary dryer china
The following is the general principle of rotary dryer selection, users can selectively accept.
1. Applicability, in a word, is special. According to the specificity of the material, choose the right equipment.
2. Drying rate, after all, the main purpose of foreign customers to buy our rotary dryer china equipment is to dry, efficient drying is the ideal state, but also the needs of users.
3. Low energy consumption, large-scale equipment is power-consuming, in the face of relatively high power consumption to save the appropriate power is also the user wants, after all, save costs.
4. Saving investment, regardless of whether the user bought the rotary dryer or other, certainly want to be able to save money, so the time must be comprehensive consideration in the selection of equipment.
5. Low operating costs, equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor costs, maintenance costs, spare parts costs and other operating costs should be as low as possible.
6. Priority should be given to selecting desiccators with simple structure, adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability, and long life.
7. Meet environmental requirements, working conditions, and high safety.
The above is the most basic principle that we need to purchase rotary dryer china. We hope that foreign friends can adopt it selectively.
 rotary dryer china