Supplier of Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

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Coconut Shell Charcoal Machine

Coconut shell is a very good material for making charcoal. It has the feature of low ash content, high calorie and easy to get. People usually use it to make active carbon, shisha charcoal, barbecue charcoal. Our China Lantian Machanical Plant is manufacturer of various types coconut shell charcoal machines, Normally, there are two steps to make coconut charcoal products, first step is carbonizing, get charcoal from coconut shell, second step is molding. We have got many experience in this field and can provide many ways to carbonize. After carbonize, you can make various shpes of charcoal production, for BBQ or shisha/hookah.

In order to improve our credit and the quality of our machines, we have got the certificates of ISO, TUV, BV, CE, so the quality can be guaranteed. Besides, we provide thoughtful before-sales and after-sales service. Sincerely welcome foreign friends to come and test.

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