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Technical Advantages of Coal Ball Briquette Forming Machine in Industry Equipment

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 01 / 10
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            In recent years, the global air pollution is becoming more and more serious. Haze has become a common concern of people all over the world. Strengthening environmental protection is also the common aspiration and responsibility of the masses. In the process of economic development, coal is an essential energy, so there will be a huge market gap for coal ball briquette forming machine, which is an important development opportunity for the energy saving and environmental protection industry of coal ball briquette forming machine. In the battle of Environmental Harnessing, the coal ball briquette forming machine, as an example of environmental protection, is listed as the most remarkable environmental protection equipment.


            As an energy saving and environmental protection equipment,coal ball briquette forming machine refers to deep processing of pulverized coal through related technologies, producing different shapes and sizes of briquette products.Coal Ball Briquette Forming Machine  is specially used to suppress raw materials such as pulverized coal, coal slime, coke powder and charcoal powder. During the pressing process, the binder and raw material are evenly stirred, and then pressed by pulverized coal by the way of roll extrusion. The forming rate can be up to 100%. Set up the production line of high pressure ball press with different output, and design the process line suitable for your production according to different raw materials and different sites.

 Coal Ball Briquette Forming Machine

             Technical advantages of coal ball briquette forming machine:

             1. the roller skin of coal ball briquette forming machine is made of high quality alloy steel forgings and hardened. The hardness can reach more than HRC60, high strength, good wearability and long service life.

             2. The briquetting roller of  coal ball briquette forming machine adopts the most advanced set insert structure in China. It is very convenient to complete the field disassembly and replacement for two to three hours. The improved type coal ball briquette forming machine to avoid roller and wheel interference fit and easy locking phenomenon is caused by the pressure ball machine to be removed to form hot charging manufacturers will roll out the replacement process for leather top press in the replacement of roller, with both cost savings, freight, and labor and time effect.

             3. The feeding port of coal ball briquette forming machine has a adjusting plate to adjust the amount of feed to ensure that the ratio of the material molding compression ratio is controlled in a certain ratio range, the ball forming rate is up to 96%, and the strength is high.

             4. The briquette press is pressurized by hydraulic cylinder, and the accumulator is set in the hydraulic system, which ensures the pressure of the molding and the safety of the equipment.


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