BBQ Charcoal Making Machine

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 BBQ Charcoal Making Machine BBQ Charcoal Making Machine



BBQ charcoal machine is used to make various shapes of hollow charcoal/coal briquette from charcoal/coal powder, the end production can be used for barbecue, cooking, heating, warming and industrial boiler. As an experienced manufacturer, we can design the mold of the machine according to customers’ requirements. The shape of the briquette can be cube, cylinder, hexagon, irregular shape, etc. 
Also, with the strong pressure, this machine can press other materials, such , soil, coke powder, carbon black, chemical materials, etc. 

1. Various shapes of mold, we can design the mold according to your requirements
2. Strong pressure makes the charcoal and coal hard and not easy broken
3. Long burning time of final production, from 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours
4. Fast igniting, with our self-developed formula, the charcoal can be ignited by a lighter or a match within 10 seconds,very convenient.
5. Spline structure and copper made easy wearing parts reduce the noise and extend the life of the machine
6. Changeable mold, one set of machine can produce different kinds of charcoal briquette by changing the molds.


Technical Parameter:


Type Capacity Motor Power Pressure Size of Briquette Weight
140 800-1000 kg/hour 7.5 kw  15 tons ≤140 mm 1500kg
220 1000-2000 kg/hour 15 kw  30 tons ≤220 mm 3800kg

Product Line:


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