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Accessory Machines

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Automatic Feeding Machine


Automatic Feeding Machine
Feeding is one step in the briquette product line. This machine is used to feed coal into crusher automatically, by using this machine, the cost of labor will be greatly saved. The speed of the belt is adjustable according to the need of the briquette machine.


Portable Crusher


Portable Crusher
For making briquette, the size of raw material should be very small. This crushing machine is a necessary part in the coal briquette product line, it is used to crush coal into very fine powder (less than 3 mm). With the four wheels and belt conveyor, it can be used to mobile operation, very convenient.


Double Shaft Mixer


Double Shaft Mixer
Moisture is a very important part in the briquette. This machine is used to mix the coal powder and water. There are two shafts with many blades, when working, the coal and water can be mixed evenly and moved from one side to the other side.

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