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Shisha Hookah Charcoal Machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 12
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Shisha Hookah Charcoal Machine



Hookah charcoal machine is used to make bar shape charcoal from various types of charcoal, such as coconut shell charcoal, wood charcoal, sawdust charcoal and so on. The shape and size of the charcoal can be customized according to the dies of the machine, like round, hexagon, triangle, square, etc. Usually, the diameter can be 1-5cm. After pressing, you can cut the charcoal into different length for hookah/shisha or barbecue. Also, we can provide the toll for cutting. Due to the different shape and size, the capacity of this charcoal machine can be 200-600 kg per hour.


Technical Parameters


Types Capacity Motor Power Diameter of  Rod
140 200-400 kg 11 kw 10-40 mm
160 400-600 kg 22 kw 10-60 mm



Hookah Charcoal Machine