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Tablet Press

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Tablet Press



Tablet press is used to make small tablet or briquette from powder material, such as coal, charcoal, feed, chemical powder, etc. As a manufacturer we can design the shape and size of the mold according to your requirements. The diameter of the tablet is less than 40 mm, times of pressing is 21 times per minute, and each time, the tablet press can make 9-12 pieces.



1.Adjustable pressure
2.Customized mold
3.Smooth surface and strong hardness of end production
4.Wearable gears and shaft
5.Automatic feeder and conveyor
6.Special Installation structure makes the change and repair of parts convenient


Technical Parameter



Type Number of Die Tablet Diameter  Capacity Pressure Motor Power Weight
YJ-9 9 Φ15-50 mm 189 Pieces per minute 250 kn 7.5 kw 1350 kg
YJ-12 12 Φ15-50 mm 252 Pieces per minute 150 kn 7.5 kw 1800 kg


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