Coal Briquette Machine

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Coal Briquette Machine Coal Briquette Machine




As a main heating source, coal is widely used in many fields, usually the coal block is directly used for boiler, but the small size coal dust or ash are difficult for burning, many of them are wasted or threw, this causes great energy waste. In order to solve the problem, the application and processing of the coal dust become very necessary.


Coal Briquette Machine also named ball press, it is used to make ball shape pellet form powder material, such as coal dust, slime, charcoal powder, gypsum powder, iron powder, etc. The size of the pellet can be 20mm-60 mm. As a manufacturer, we can design the machine according to your raw material and your request about the size of the pellet. After briquetting, the coal will be easy for transporting, storing and burning.



1. Hydraulic pressure is available
2. Manganese steel roller
3. High density of pellet
4. Compact structure and durable quality
5. Low consumption


Technical Parameters


Type Capacity(ton/h) Motor Power(kw) Diameter of Roller
290 1-1.5 5.5 290mm
360 2-2.5 7.5 360mm
450 3-4 18.5 450mm
650 5-7 30 650mm
850 8-10 50 850mm
1000 10-12 75 1000mm


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Coal Press Machine

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