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Coke Briquette Machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 27
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Coke Briquette Machine Coke Briquette Machine



Coke briquette machine is used to press briquette from coke dust. Lantian Coke Briquette Machine is a specialized machine for briquetting. After several updates, the technology of this machine is very mature now. We can offer different types according to customers’ request of density and output. In order to extend the life of roller, we adopt high manganese steel, this ensure the roller can press 8000-10000 tons before replacing. Also our machine equips with adjusting shaft, usually, after a period of processing, there will be malposition between the two rollers, with the adjusting shaft, you can adjust the position of the roller, and make sure the machine works smooth.



1.High manganese steel roller

2. Custom design roller

3.Effective binder technology

4.One-stop services


Technical Parameters


Type Capacity(ton/h) Motor Power(kw) Diameter of Roller
290 1-3 5.5 290    mm
360 4-5 7.5 360    mm
450 5-7 18.5  450    mm
650 10-15 30 650    mm
850 15-20 50 850    mm
1000 20-25 75 1000  mm
                                   The capacity is related to the size of the briquettee


Product Line


Coke Briquette Machine Product Line


sample show


Coke Pellet Machine Coke Pellet Machine