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Pellet Press Machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2013 / 03 / 27
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Pellet Press Machine Pellet Press Machine



Pellet press machine is used to make 3-20 mm pellet from powder material, such as graphite, carbon black, coke, coal, manure, fertilizer, mineral dust, etc. After pelletizing, the material can be easily transport or storing, reduce the dust pollution and waste of raw material.


Features of pellet press machine

1.Wide application
2.High ratio of forming
3.Custom design mold
4.Compact structure
5.Easy operation and maintain
6.Low cost


Technical Parameters



Type Motor Power Capacity Size of Pellet
LT-20 7.5 500  kg 2-20 mm
LT-25 11 1000   kg 2-20 mm


Product Line


Pellet Press Machine Product Line



 sample show


Pellet Sample Show