Vertical Briquette Dryer

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Vertical Briquette Dryer Vertical Briquette Dryer



Vertical briquette dryer is used for drying briquettes. Usually, after briquetting, the charcoal and coal briquette will contain 15%-25% moisture, this will effect the burning of the briquettes, so it is very necessary to remove the moisture. Therefore the vertical dryer is one of the most important machine in briquette production line. The dryer has the features of small investment, small footprint, high drying efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance.


Technical Parameters


Type LH 1800 LH 2500 LH 2800 LH 30000
Capacity 6-8 t/h 8-10 t/h 10-13 t/h 12-15 t/h
Motor Power 22 kw 22 kw 37 kw 37 kw
Consumption of Coal 90-110 kg/h 100-130 kg/h 120-160 kg/h 120-180 kg/h


 Vertical Dryer

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