Charcoal Carbonization Furnace

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Charcoal Carbonization Furnace



Our charcoal stove is ideal equipment for wood briquettes to have anoxic distillation carbonization. Adopting reasonable structure, the charcoal kiln needs small quantity of heat consumption only. And the most important is that our charcoal stove is equipped with Superheated Stream cooling system, thus can speed up the cooling process, improve the quality of charcoal and shorten the production cycling time to 24-48 hours with the features of easy operation, higher safety, high efficiency and energy saving. The final products charcoal briquette bars can be used for heating furnace, industrial boilers, biomass power plant, barbecue and so on


1. Fill the four carbonization pots with biomass briquettes and woods. Use the small gantry crane to lift the pots into the hearths of carbonization furnace.
 2. In the burning ovens under the two pots, put into the firewood and ignite them.
 3. About one hour later, the temperature of the two pots will go up to 200°C. Then open all of valves, ignite the four burners and put out the firewood in the first two burning ovens.
 4. After 30-40 minutes and the temperature of kiln will reach around 430°C, take out the first carbonization pot with the longest heating time. And put it into the soil pit dug in advance for cooling naturally. Then put the standby pot filled with biomass briquettes and woods into the empty hearths. Same operation for the second pots when carbonization is finished.
 5. At this moment, two pots is under cooling condition, two pots with semi-finished charcoals, and two pots with new briquettes and woods for new round of carbonization. The cycling operation makes the continuous production come true.
 6. After cooling for 3-4 hours in pits, the finished charcoal can be taken out from the kiln. Thereafter, there will be two pots of charcoals finished every one hour, and the target of capacity 200kg/h even more is reached (the capacity of every pot is 100-200kg). Such continuous production will make it to over 4 tons charcoals per day.


Technical Parameters


Model THL-3 THL-5
Motor Power 4    kw 5    kw
Capacity 600-800 kg per day 1000-1200 kg per day
Gross Weight 4000 kg 6000 kg
Dimension 4×1.5×2 m 5×1.5×2.2 m
Time of Carbonizing 4-6 hours 6-8 hours
Time of Cooling 4 hours 6 hours


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Charcoal Making Furnace  Charcoal Making Furnace

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