Wood Crusher

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Wood Crusher


Introduction wood crusher machine:
Wood crusher machine also called wood chipper machine, common type have disc and drum type . The size can be raw materials including logs, slab, veneer, bamboo, brushwood, corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed and other non wood fiber rod cutting into homogeneous sheet stock, stock piece length according to need to be in a certain range adjustment. Is paper industry, plank industry way before the production of ideal equipment.


Our company produces the chipper disc chipper, wood chipper, miscellaneous wood chipper, wood chipper is the production of high quality wood a special wood chipper, widely used in papermaking, particle board factory, and high density fiberboard factory, stubble factory, biomass power plant, wood factory, and other industrial and manufacturer of production preparation section before the preferred equipment. The main cutting raw material is peeling after the trail wood, bamboo, slab materials and cutting time fuelwood excess material, etc.

Technical Parameters


Model Capacity (kg/h) Motor Power (kw) Maximum Size Minimum Size
400 300 7.5 40  mm 1  mm
600 600 15 60  mm 1  mm
800 1000 30 100  mm 1  mm
1000 1500-2000 45 1500  mm 1  mm


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Wood Crusher Wood Crusher

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